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What sets a premium domain apart?

Due to the large number of websites on the internet, it’s not always easy to secure the most attractive domain for your project. Fortunately, when a high value domain expires it becomes available for re-registration, which is known as a premium domain. However, not all expired domains automatically become premium – an expired domain is simply one that has been previously used but not re-registered by the original domain owner. Premium names, on the other hand, are those that have retained their high marketing value to you as a business or individual.
Premium domain names differ from ordinary ones because they often contain important keywords, are short and snappy, and have a proven track record of driving web traffic. For example, ‘’, ‘’, and ‘’ are all memorable and clearly display the purpose of the site. Because of these qualities, they are highly sought after and can also be identified by their relatively high price compared to other domains.

What makes premium domain names valuable?

Domain names can be valuable for several reasons – premium domain names especially so. First, because they are so memorable, a premium domain is more likely to encourage users to return to your site – they’re much more likely to remember ‘’ after one visit than ‘’, for example. What’s more, they also generate more traffic and improve your search engine ranking. Google prefers clear and concise domains, which are also more likely to be searched for and receive higher levels of traffic. Therefore, a premium domain will help you to achieve more SEO authority and ascend the search engine results pages (SERPs). These advantages bring you numerically measurable improvements to your website and enterprise.
If that isn’t enough, premium domain names also assist in strengthening your brand image as an expert in your field. Both internet users and Google alike will tend to assign more credibility to premium domain names that feature topically relevant keywords. The same can be said of location-based keywords: a Los Angeles resident who searches for ‘fitness programs’ is more likely to be drawn to a domain name with ‘LA’ in it, like ‘’.

How much does a premium domain cost?

Due to the above benefits, premium domains tend to be more expensive than others. However, the exact cost can vary depending on popularity, strength of branding and SEO potential. Therefore it’s possible to buy a premium domain for anything from a hundred dollars, to as much as thousands of dollars. A good rule of thumb to follow is that the more expensive a domain is, the more value it can bring to your business.

Why should I buy a premium domain?

Buying a premium domain is an investment; like any other sort of investment, the initial cost can be high, but the rewards make it more than worth it. They offer your website greater potential to rank highly on search engines and they strengthen your online branding. With a premium domain from IONOS, you have the opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition and establish your brand as trusted and authoritative. By now, many of the best domain names have already been snapped up, which sometimes means that you have to settle for a less powerful option. Within this competitive market, premium domain names give you the chance to secure a valuable domain that give you an edge over your competition. Because they are easy to remember, contain popular keywords, and are SEO-friendly, a premium domain provides the ideal platform to build a strong online brand that attracts high levels of traffic. If you’re a business, having a short and snappy domain name can mean the difference between a consumer finding you online before a competitor, rather than the other way around.

What Is a Premium Domain?

A premium domain is one that an individual or company owns and has made available for sale. Premium domains may have been formerly used for a now-obsolete website, or bought by a domain registrar, company, or individual in order to sell it at a mark-up.

Premium domains’ value is based on their:

  • Short length — usually one or two words
  • Keywords — high-value words that people tend to use in search
  • Brandability — catchy and memorable name

Don’t settle for a second rate domain name

There is nothing as powerful as a premium domain name. Premium Domain Names are high value, popular and memorable domain names that have already been registered for years but are now back on the market for resale by the Domain owner. Since they bring with them huge advantages, premium domain names are priced slightly higher than most unregistered domains. Browse our FAQ for more details.
Premium domain names
Solid Branding
Your website is the face of your business. Purchasing a Premium Domain name for your website gives you a powerful name that best describes your website to your customers and helps set the tone for your business
Buy premium domains
High Recall Value
Difficult to spell or long domain names are hard to remember. Along with strong branding potential, premium domain names are short, memorable, have a high recall value, and have the ability to attract large volumes of traffic to your site.
Premium domains
Great SEO
Since premium domain names have been registered since years, they are already ranked higher up in search engine results, and give your business the instant traction it needs when getting online.
ZNetLive Premium domains
Instant traffic volumes
Every penny worth the investment, premium domain names invite huge type-in traffic, increase your page rank and make it easier for your customers to find you!
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