Technical Expertise
At Webkad, we are highly driven by our belief and expertise in technology. An expert team with years of experience, world class infrastructure and the hunch for learning ensures that we deliver the best. We provide a host of services demonstrating our technical expertise. Keeping our client expectations and needs in mind, we deliver solutions on following technology frameworks:

Frontend Development
Enterprise application development is becoming tougher as consumers become more demanding. Businesses are looking at more innovative ways of tapping into consumers with engaging frontend apps. As users started pushing more functionality into the browser, the gap in maturity between server-side tools and front-end tools became increasingly apparent. At Webkad we are the leaders in offering Frontend app development loaded with features. Read More

Database is the heart of a software application. By collecting all information pertaining to individuals and organizations onto one platform, database development is quintessential to maintaining and nurturing relationship with prospects and customers. If not managed properly, data across the organization can become quite unwieldy. Webkad is the answer to your database needs. We provide services in designing and managing diverse set of databases- both traditional (MySQL, Oracle, SQL server) and unconventional (No SQL), which store data related to transactional and social media applications. Read More

PHP Development
PHP frameworks allow rapid application development by streamlining the development process. Writing code in PHP framework is easy and more intuitive. It eliminates all kinds of repetitive process while its applications offer a very stable and secure coding environment! At Webkad we are pioneers in offering PHP Development Services. Read More

The hunch for convenience and passion for technology has led to surge in mobile app development. This has been fuelled by the increasing penetration of smart phone and internet across the globe. As a leading mobile application development company, Webkad is adept at creating high performance, feature-packed native mobile applications for all the major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and Windows Mobile. Read More

HTML5 Development
With billions of businesses having billions of websites online, it has become imperative to attract online browsers to ones website and hold visitor attention. This calls for an interactive and visually appealing design and implementation of websites. This should be accompanied with dynamic content suited to the visitors needs. This is where HTML5 comes to the rescue. At Webkad we are experts at delivering world class HTML Development Services. Read More

Java Development
With online web crowded with thousands of websites, businesses are increasingly focusing on attracting eye balls and capture maximum attention span of online wanderers. To achieve this businesses are focusing on providing a unique and memorable user experience across their applications. This requires applications to be fast, secure, full of useful information and visually appealing. At Webkad, this is exactly what we provide! Our team of Java developers provides the best applications powered on Java platform with latest designs to woo your customers! Read More

jQuery Development
As the digital revolution spreads its arms across the globe, businesses motivated by generating revenues are increasingly targeting customers with personalized products and communications. Visually appealing and technologically advanced applications on web and mobile platforms have come to the rescue. jQuery is an open source Javascript library used for web and mobile app development. It can be easily integrated with any web technology and provides rich user interface design widgets and plug-ins like modal dialog, tabs, accordions and effects like shake, slide etc. At Webkad we are the leaders in offering jQuery Development Services. Read More

Nodejs Development
To address the highly mobile and growing business audience, organizations are looking at fast and scalable mobile and web app platforms. At Webkad, we have been developing such enterprise applications for businesses across the globe for years now. We use advanced platforms like Node.js to deliver the fast and intuitive applications for capturing eyeballs and delivering enhanced user experience. Read More

Perl Development
With increased demand for web applications across businesses, there is a need for advanced programming languages for developing modern age applications. Perl is an answer to the needs to today’s web applications. PERL is a widely used programming language for development of dynamic websites and web applications. Popularly known as “the duct-tape of the Internet”, it is an interpreted, dynamic framework which can be easily run over different platforms (portables and mainframes). At Webkad we have years of experience in delivering proven PERL Development Services. Read More

Python Development
Business are flocking to online forums and using websites and enterprise applications to woo and win their customers. This has called for technology and tools for faster development of modern applications. Python is one such name which shines in the arena of open source framework for programming. A dynamic, open-source programming language based on object-oriented approach, Python is widely used for universal purpose programming and development of web applications and associated components. At Webkad we have an expert panel delivering fantastic Python Development Services. Read More

Ruby on Rails Development
Dynamic, flexible and scalable web applications are the way forward for business operating online. They need technologically advanced, responsive and fast platforms to address their needs. At Webkad, we understand the needs of the modern day businesses. We use latest programming platforms like Ruby on Rails to deliver the best projects and help our customers win. Read More

WebRTC Development
Businesses are increasingly looking at platforms which help them communicate better. Latest in the world of technology, WebRTC comes as a boon to businesses looking at streamlining communications with their customers at affordable prices. At Webkad, we are the pioneers in offering the latest technology platforms to our customers. This is why we house experience and expertise in WebRTC in our portfolio of offerings.




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