Webkad Brand will serve as World Leading Online Business Directory by 2018

Webkad Brand will serve as World Leading Online Business Directory by 2018. Currently, Webkad Professionals Team is working on this project. Before, Webkad Professionals were also engaged for ERP Oracle / SAP based industrial solution to increase business growth with minimizing the cost and time. Really, Webkad brand, where you can trust to grow your business around the world. Webkad is holding 24 Years of professional experience to add great value in your business We work quickly and efficiently, meeting deadlines and staying within customer budget. We are already serving in USA, Canada, UK, France, Asian countries and Middle East regions (Al Hamdo Lillah). Our high-quality, professional services are:
1. Web Design and Development & Complete ERP Solutions
2. Revamping / Redesigning of existing website
3. Interactive Resume vCard website
4. Creative Strategy and Concept
5. Digital Branding Strategy & Marketing
6. Corporate Identity
7. Brand Building and Launching
8. Advertising Campaign Development
9. Media Services
10. Digital Design & Execution
11. Mobile Strategy & Execution across Platforms and Devices
12. Social & Viral Marketing
13. Point-of Sale and Shopper Experience
14. Interior & Environmental Design/Consulting
15. Creative Team Building.
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