WebRTC Development Services

WebRTC Development Services


The arena of communications has gone through an age of disruption in the past few years. From traditional telephony to Voice over IP, anytime, anywhere access, shrinking of devices and smartphone penetration- the way we communicate has undergone a radical transformation.

Disruption in the communications ecosystem has created ample opportunities for businesses across the globe. There are new ways of interacting with customers and hence, more opportunities to sell! However, with increased competition and access to advanced technology, businesses need to have a strategy in place.

Earlier developers were required to have comprehensive communication module. Businesses today are building communications stacks on top of operator networks, bypassing service offerings eating sales revenues. As communications infrastructure and interfaces become more flexible, it has become easier to implement in-app communications. This has given more prominence to application developers who have more control of the communications market.

Businesses are increasingly looking at platforms which help them communicate better. Latest in the world of technology, WebRTC comes as a boon to businesses looking at streamlining communications with their customers at affordable prices. At Webkad, we are the pioneers in offering the latest technology platforms to our customers. This is why we house experience and expertise in WebRTC in our portfolio of offerings.

What is WebRTC?

RTC is an abbreviation for Real Time Communication. WebRTC is an open source standard enabling facilitating real time communications capability to browsers and mobile applications using simple Javascript based APIs. A tool for effective communications, it houses fundamental building blocks for high-quality communications such as audio, video and several network components used in voice and video chat applications. It represents the latest technology in video conferencing and P2P networking. Developed by Google, it has been highly appreciated and embraced by the developer community across the globe. With support from big browsers, WebRTC is slated to become a standard protocol for video conferencing in the near future.

WebRTC is powered by three APIs (built into Chrome and Firefox):

  • GetUserMedia (Provides access to camera and microphone)
  • PeerConnection (Facilitates sending and receiving media)
  • DataChannels (Facilitates sending non-media direct between browsers)

A pre-built signaling platform such as OnSIP powers connection amongst WebRTC peers (browsers or mobile applications here).

One advantage with WebRTC is that it is not designed to be an experts-only technology. Being very easy to understand and code, it can be used by developers of all stripes to solve real-time communications problems in their apps. No wonder, it has become a hit amongst the developers in a very short span of time!

How does WebRTC affect the end customer?

WebRTC makes calling friends and family very easy. It enhances video and audio quality compared to other tools available in the market today. Being peer-to-peer communication, the mechanism is decentralized does not rely on a server making the communication more clear and fast. This is particularly useful during high congestion scenarios such as emergencies and disasters.

How does WebRTC affect businesses?

By providing an opportunity to embed click-to-call plug ins on their websites, WebRTC becomes extremely resourceful for consumer-facing businesses. WebRTC is cheap and comes without any huge investment. It is hassle free and does not require the user to download any plug ins or even pick up a phone to dial. It facilitates conversation between business and customer much like the text chat at present, with added advantage of audio.

WebRTC will also enable enterprises to host both internal and external meetings using a Web browser over traditional method of using an installed client. Not only would it make communication easy, it would also make it more secure (especially for enterprise customers) with its inbuilt encryption capabilities.  Gradually, WebRTC is slated to replace an enterprise’s entire VoIP/video conferencing infrastructure.

What are the areas where WebRTC can make a difference?

Video chat, audio processing, secure data exchange, and other forms of digital communication-WebRTC is set to disrupt many arenas of enterprise and P2P communications!

At Webkad, we are committed to providing the latest technology services to our clientele. We house a team of talented and dedicated professionals who keep themselves adept with latest development in the industry through constant learning, training and working on latest projects.

Our WebRTC development team understands the intricacies of building video chat, audio, and data sharing applications using standards like WebRTC and commercial platforms like TokBox, Xirsys and Twilio. They are well trained in User Experience (UX) design and web/mobile development. With these skills combined, our team ensures delivery of customized webRTC applications without compromising on quality and within stipulated timelines.

A project based approach following an agile development methodology and regular feedback and interactions with the customer differentiates Webkad from its industry peers. Our dedicated project managers and friendly developers are available at our customer’s disposal 24/7 round the clock.

Come, partner with us to experience the next generation of communications technology !

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