Design Services

Design Services

Great design can do wonders. Not only is it visually appealing, it instantly engages a customer and conveys a story! With businesses increasingly being driven by customer experience, design has come to the forefront- Visual appeal, easy to user and interactive interface, device agnostic platforms- all clubbed together into a single platform defines a product in today’s era. Good design strategy  is the key to making this possible.

Design is a form of art. However, IT Design is a part art and a part science. IT Design is an essential element of an organization’s functioning. Effective design is paramount to reducing risk, delays, and the total cost of network deployments. While designing network infrastructure, applications, and operations processes, it is critical to consider immediate and long-term business requirement. An architectural foundation needs to be established for supporting solutions and scaling to future opportunities.

Design Services enable building of flexible, resilient, scalable architectural foundation to support IT and network infrastructure, applications, operations processes, and network management.

At Webkad, we deliver expertise and best practices in IT Design services through an architectural approach. Our services are committed to meet all immediate and long-term business objectives of our clients. These services deliver a high-level design and/or an implementation-ready detailed infrastructure solution design, as well as detailed designs for applications, network operations management, and service management and policies for service catalog.

Need for Design Services

In absence of a good IT architectural design, IT environment performs inadequately and is not aligned to business needs. This leads to high operational costs, inflexibility and poor resource utilization.  More than understanding the business needs, the bigger challenge is to translate them into operationally efficient solutions. This gap results in an increased cost base and ultimately into costly remedial work and project overruns.

Using Design Services with a structured methodology, businesses can utilize design frameworks to bridge the gap between strategic intent and deployed infrastructure. The architecture and design phase of any IT project should provide an efficient method to produce an integrated solution while helping ensure alignment with client’s business and infrastructure strategy.

Good Design services must help businesses to:

  • Gain instant access to the information and resources– anytime, anywhere.
  • Design Flexible systems which are easy to change
  • Build robust, stable and secure systems
  • Improve network infrastructure performance and scalability
  • Accelerate adoption of new technologies
  • Improve ROI- return on investment
  • Reduce expensive and time-consuming re-design
  • Strengthen the proficiency of deployment team and operations team
  • Enable strong alignment with business objectives

At Webkad we have a great team of professional IT designers to help our clients with a good architectural design.

Types of Design Services

IT Design is spread across multiple domains:

Information Architecture

This includes organization of data for optimal access, flexibility and security. This is achieved basis in depth research of the company’s business model, structure, strategy and goals.

Responsive Web Design

This has evolved over the year. Today it has become a device agnostic approach to delivering content to users across multiple channels- from mobile browser on an iPhone to a HDTV. Responsive websites readily adjust their appearance based on screen dimensions. Compelling design and exceptional coding are prerequisites to designing such systems.

UX Interface

This refers to designing a user experience. This is different compared to designing user interface. User experience refers to the impression the user has about the product or service during and after they have interacted with it. Using information architecture, interaction design, user interface design and visual design approaches and methods, a unique user experience is designed. Here design itself is central to creating excellent user experiences.

Design Services at Webkad

At Webkad, we have a team of experienced professional designers who have worked on designing IT solutions across a plethora of industries.

We provide our expert services in responsive web design and UX interface design.  Our focus on these two areas makes our offering very strong- capabilities combined with experience help us bring value to the table.

With a focus on our client’s high-level strategy, we help them design an effective technical implementation in line with investments and design with service delivery commitments and business requirements. We help clients in developing designs for transforming their network, gain a clear view of what is running in their network environment and evaluate what needs to change. These capabilities provide clear visibility into the state of their infrastructure by automating the analysis of diagnostic network data. Combined with our deep domain expertise and years of experience, we translate the challenges into a real solution- good design to help businesses operation efficient and grow faster.

Come and partner with us for all your design related queries.

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