Tired Of Wondering How Everyone Else Seems To Effortlessly Rank Their Sites On The First Page Of Google In Virtually Any Niche They Choose…

“Knowing Damn Well They Have A Secret That Gives Them An Unstoppable Advantage When It Comes To Making Money Online!”

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Hi there,

My name is Chris Morris and I want to share a little story with you. It wasn’t that long ago that I was sitting right there in your shoes.

At the Mercy of Google. Desperate. Tired…

…And going broke FAST.

Let me explain.

I am a Daddy of 5 beautiful children.

3 girls and 2 boys.

They are the LOVE of my life.

There is nothing more important to me in this world than the children that my amazing Wife of 14 years now gave me…

…That and providing the best possible life for them.

Unfortunately for me at the time the story wasn’t all good news. You see as a Father of 5 I was also recently out of work.

I had very little money to my name. And I was getting desperate.

I remember sitting there in my house knowing bills are due and having to choose between paying a bill or feeding my family for one more day.

Plagued every second with a relentless worry in my heart not knowing how we were going to make it another day.

Begging and borrowing money from family just to keep afloat.

Believe me if it was just me it would have made it so much easier to deal with. But I actually had very young children who depended on me daily…

…Not just for love and attention. But for their very survival.

I was suffering daily. There wasn’t a moment in a given day that I didn’t feel like completely giving up. The pressure and stress I felt was so unbearable. I cried many nights so hard that it hurt to breath.

My relationship with my beautiful wife was also suffering. My kids could tell that something was really hurting Daddy. And there was nothing I could do to fix it.

Believe me. I KNOW how you feel.
I Used To Be Just Like You

I used to struggle to SEO my website.

I tried everything that all the so called gurus said to do.

I bought really expensive overly complicated software that was written for programmers…

…Not people like me.

I tried outsourcing overseas and found that even when I could find someone who could do the work they were very short term and I had high turnover and I ended up spending twice as much time handling VA’s than I did working on my business.

And doing it by hand myself was in no way a solution because it would literally take not only all of my work time but all of my free time and that is not why I got in to business for myself in the first place.

Do you suffer from these experiences?

  • Struggling With Your Own SEO?
  • Wasting Money On So Called “Magic Bullets?”
  • Desperately Searching For The Unfair Advantage Others Seem To Have?

I was too…

But then it all changed. 

After spending thousands of dollars I didn’t have. Burning every bridge and lifeline I had left…I was mad.

NO…I was down right pissed off.

I knew there was a secret these guys had and I wasn’t leaving until I knew the exact answer. The secret they held. How they effortlessly picked a niche and came in overnight and took it over.

I began to use Google to MY advantage. I began studying everything they did. Every move they made. Every time they made a move I wrote it down…EVERYTHING. I wasn’t going to leave anything to chance. I was tired of being kicked around.

And that’s when I began to slowly uncover the secret that they had been using all along. Private Blog Networks. Every single one of them were using this powerful secret to their advantage and I finally realized their upper hand.

I was no longer playing the victim. I was finally the “Big Boy” in the cell block.

I began to use their dirty little secret against them. They may have been using it “first” but I FREAKING PERFECTED IT!

Once I knew what their secret was I started what I call “Operation Takedown.”

I’m kicking ass and taking names now. No one is safe. All bets are flippin’ OFF!

Rember in the beginning of this story…I was kinda like Steve Urkel. Dorky. Wimpy.
Just a litle punk.
Flash forward…

…Today We’re the equivalent of an MMA Champion’s worst freaking cage match nightmare!

Ya…This stuff is that powerful.

I uncovered a secret even THEY weren’t using. Something THEY aren’t using that made this system even MORE powerful.

Now I’m not going to spill everything on this page. No way man. I gave you enough already to see how powerful this unfair advantage really is. The real secrets are being locked away and I’m only sharing that with people just like me.
The little guys.

My private PBN Sniper software is like taking a Leopard 2A7 Battle Tank to a Knife fight.
Don’t just take my word for it.

Here are just a very small sample of the testimonials I received before closing down the initial offer for good:

Chris, I just watched this vid, and my jaw dropped! I’m not knowledgeable (yet) about PBNs, but I did this all manually when I was trying to find my URL for my new BIB site. I am not exaggerating (and you can ask Martin!) when I tell you I spent nearly TWO WEEKS trying to find the right URL for my BIB site. I finally found it but I am serious… I spent so much time that my head was spinning.

This software – just watching your demo – did what took me nearly 2 weeks to figure out. Hell… I spent a couple THOUSAND $$$ worth of my time just trying to do it manually. Now you have me thinking that I CAN LEARN and UNDERSTAND the whole PBN thingy.

I’m gonna buy this pretty soon, Chris, because now you have me ultra psyched. And, I want to echo Wayne – I’d love to be an affiliate too. Who wouldn’t? This is one VERY high class product.

Kathy Tremblay

Looks super Chris. Not sure what else you would need to find PBN domains. Certainly looks like it game changer for finding PBN domains.

Jono Farrington

Chris I just shared an ice cream with my son while running this software and allowed it to hunt based on my filters…thanks for programming this and listening to some of my criteria requirements. It kicks ass. Thanks man…

Wayne Vass

Unbelievable, I commented about having a bit of difficulty 2 hours ago, and in that time, Chris Morris created an update, made it live to fix the problem. BAM! I’ve never seen anyone move that fast online before. Impressive!

Randy Parsley

Chris Morris Used the PBN sniper fully for the first time two days ago and nailed 5 new PBN’s. You saved me about 40 hours worth of work! Thanks, my man!

Brian R Solari
Here’s exactly why this tool works so much better?

PBN Sniper doesn’t just save your time and money when it comes to owning Private Blog Network Sites.

Hell no.

That’s just a side effect of it being one BAD ASS tool.

It is a surgical freaking instrument.

It’s one. Deadly. SEO tool.

When you use this unfair advantage and tell PBN Sniper what to do…it doesn’t screw around.

It gets off its ass and goes to work on complete autopilot.

This tool relentlessly hunts down only the best possible PBN sites leaving its table scraps for everyone else.

Introducing PBN Sniper – Your Unfair Advantage!

Up until now PBN Sniper was my private Search Engine Domination software.

I wasn’t sharing this with ANYONE.

But a while back I ended up being invited in to an Exclusive Private SEO Mastermind Group.

Somehow during a regular late night conversation with another group member I let it slip what I was doing.

You know. I was up late and tired. Plus we were just talking shop and…

…I told him how I built this software that exploited the power of high authority websites and how it was my little secret to outranking even some of the biggest authority sites in Google very easily.

So naturally this guy is falling on my every word. I could tell because I couldn’t even finish typing my sentece before he was writing back begging me to let him use it.

I don’t blame him.

I would have done the same thing.

This software is so powerful I didn’t immediately say yes. I actually tried to scare him off from using it. But who in their right mind is going to turn down a tool that literally hands them the keys to blanketing Google for any damn keyword they want?

Exactly…No one.

Now I liked this guy. I still do. We’re very good friends to this day and so being a guy who loves to help people and see THEM succeed I decided I would throw the guy a bone. Hell I guess I just knew what it felt like being on the other side of the fence hoping and praying someone would just toss me a bone.

Ok but what’s the catch?

Listen, I don’t want to put any pressure on you, but I know how I felt being on the other side of that fence.

If I just had that “Secret”.
That “One Thing”.
I could get myself out of debt, provide a great life for my Family and finally feel peace and happiness inside again.

Honestly I could easily charge $1000’s or more for this software and be completely justified in doing so.

Owning just ONE of the powerful sites PBN Sniper is capable of finding is like having your own currency printing plates.

It’s like having a license to print money…

…On Demand.

Hell I have seen domains that PBN Sniper was able to pick up dirt cheap being resold for an easy high $XXXX profit.

Between you and me I think that person made a HUGE mistake.

Owning a single site like that could easily make you hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit over time. I guess some people just like to make a quick buck.

I don’t blame them.

I probably would have done the same thing in their shoes just starting out.

The point is I’m not going to charge you anywhere near $100,000.

I’m not even going to charge you $10,000.

As I said before I could easily charge $1000.00 and people would happily pay that amount OVER and OVER.

But hold up, There’s more!

I want you to know you have someone in your corner the entire time you are putting this system to work for you.
I remember not having a great support system in my life and how that feels when you feel like you’re all alone in something.

That is why after you purchase PBN Sniper today you are going to get instant access to me as well.
I am going to give you my personal email address that only my close friends and family use to contact me.

I want you to know that your success is my success and I am really passionate about helping my friends succeed.

After you download your copy of PBN Sniper you will receive an email from me.
It will contain everything you need to get you started and also you will have my private email address where you can chat with me anytime.

Got a question? No problem. Shoot me an email and I’m on it.
No more feeling like you have no one in your corner.

I’m going to be available to you anytime.
Insanely Low Price Offer!

If you made it this far in my letter to you then you already know the power of owning this tool.

You get instant access to PBN Sniper easily worth $10,000.00 alone.
I’m dead serious.

When you see everything that this software does it is going to completely blow you away!

I put everything I learned in to this software.

The end result of the secrets I learned turned this poweful tool in to a complete Search Engine Domination BEAST.

I will share with you the exact settings I personally use to hunt down sites for my personal Private Blog Network and have you up and bidding on your own domination sites within minutes of placing your order today.

Now look, I know I could easily charge a $1000.00 for access to something like this.

Hell I could easily just sit on this and keep it all to myself.

But that isn’t the kind of person I am.

For a limited time I am giving you instant access to my private PBN Sniper software and direct access to me anytime for only $497.

You are going to get the software. A quick start guide and my personal email to have instant access to me virtually any time.

I’m only human and I have a family too so be mindful of that if I don’t respond back in 2 min. Cool?
Sorry Guys…Absolutely No Refunds!

I am a Daddy of 5 and I value and enjoy my time with my Family. That’s why I got in to this. To spend more time with them.

Because of that I am very limited on personal time and I only want to work with those who are dead serious about their business.

I just can not work with “Tire Kickers.”

If you are not serious about building a real business and working hard to get there then I am NOT the guy that can help you.

On the other hand I realize this is a significant investement and I take that very seriously.

With that said I want you to know that I am devoting a lot of my own time in to this and you have me in your corner now.
I’m just one guy!

Because I am just one guy and my personal time is very limited I am forced to have to limit how many people I let inside.

I released this before and it sold out in about a week. There is no doubt in my head that it will sell out again very quickly.

I warned everyone before that this would sell out fast and IF I ever bought the offer back it would be at a substantial increase in price.

Heck I still get emails and Facebook messages daily begging me to open this up again.

So for a limited time I am opening PBN Sniper up to those serious about getting an unfair advantage when it comes to SEO and dominating the Search Engines.

There is no time to waste.

I won’t work with “Tire Kickers” and I am giving you fair notice that this offer can be removed at ANY TIME.

If at any point I feel like there are too many inside I will pull the offer immediately.

If you end up sliping between the cracks somehow I will promptly refund your money and apologize.