Do you know what makes a domain name premium?

Do you know what makes a domain name premium?

There are no clear rules which domain will be a premium one. This is decided solely by the registry, at their own discretion. Whether an existing domain will be premium depends on its owner and the price that potential buyers are willing to pay. Yet, there are a few characteristics that differentiate a premium domain name from the pool of all names. They can give you an idea whether the price you have to pay is justified.

Top 10 trending keywords in .com and .net registrations in Aug 2019. Source: Verisign Blog
  • Length. The shorter the name, the better. All 2- and 3-letter domains are usually considered premium ones as they are used for abbreviations by various companies, but longer domains can have high value as well. Most good domains rarely consist of more than a couple of words, though.
  • Direct traffic. A good domain name can bring additional organic traffic to a website. is an example of a premium domain name with a new generic TLD that is priced much higher than a standard .store domain. As the short domains with the original TLDs have been taken a long time ago, the new TLDs allow site owners to get a short, one-word domain for direct traffic. Usually .com domains are priced higher, though, as a lot of people will often add “.com“ after the term they are looking for.
  • Brandability”. This does not necessarily refer to the length. If the domain can be used as a brand name, this can increase its price, even if it is longer.
  • SEO. The right domain will often match the exact phrase people search for on search engines. Alternatively, it can include one or more keywords. Usually exact search phrases are priced higher.
  • Buyer interest. A domain name may not look very appealing at first glance, but if it is being auctioned and bids get high, it can easily become a premium domain. This is usually the case if a newly founded company wants to acquire an already existing domain that matches its name or the name of one of its products or services.

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