iOS Game Development Services

iOS Game Development Services

Play your game to fame with Webkad’s leading iOS game development services.

Think of innovation and the name Apple crops up on your mind. Apple has taken the mobile gaming segment by a storm. Offering phenomenal iOS iOS game development platform to create gaming apps on iPhone and iPad, Apple has captured the gaming segment. 33% of all apps downloads on iPhone are games and 48% downloads on iPad are games. This showcases the potential of reach and revenues of games on iOS.

As Apple takes on innovation and churns out more devices and features over the next few years, demand for advanced gaming and its revenues are set to boom. Businesses are now focusing on developing unique and memorable games to differentiate themselves and attract users. This requires technical expertise, creative minds as well as effective storytelling.

Webkad is a full service custom iOS game development company for all your core game components. We help our clients generate creative ideas and turn them into games. Our team of professionals helps them cross all hurdles that they may encounter in development process, publishing in leading App Stores and go-to market.

iOS Game Development 

iOS Game development is not just game! A team of game designers, artists, mobile developers, project managers, UI designers and QA engineers come together to build an experience. A good game is characterized by the following attributes:

  • Interesting storyline
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Amazing backgrounds.
  • Real like feeling with effects from vibrant remains, metal warping and smoke effects to whole particle effects
  • Amazing fusion of science, accelerometer control, game play and sound
  • Innovative merger of art and technology to develop polished mainstream gaming applications

At Webkad, our team has a knack for blending intellectual problem-solving techniques with entertaining and educational approach to deliver highly interactive and captivating user experience.

We specialize in Apple iOS iOS game development platform and related technologies such as Cocoa Touch / Objective C, Open AL, iPhone SDK, Core Animation, Interface Builder, Xcode IDE, OpenGL ES, Core Audio, Core Animation, Core Location Framework, WebKit Programming, GPS and Core Graphics API. Our team is also adept at the latest graphics and animation technologies including proximity sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer.

iOS Game Development Process

To excite the customer with nerve-wrecking experience, games need to be engaging, challenging and technologically advanced. They should be consistent with latest developments in the industry.

At Webkad, we deliver unique games leveraging our years of experience in developing different types of games across all the leading operating systems- arcade games, puzzles, quizzes, racing, sports, casino, adventure and much more.  Our team of developers is updated with the industry trends to help you deliver the best!

The entire development process is well structured and executed with strict timelines. The broad steps followed during this development are:

  • Understanding of the objective and desired outcome. A story is drafted along this theme.
  • Design of the Game- how it looks, what all it projects and how users engage!
  • Documentation of the concept outlining the progression and flow through the game. This includes:
    – Game Overview
    – Game Concept
    – Style of the game
    – Technology Platform on which the game can be played

This acts as a background to developing a comprehensive guide driving the development process. The final guide includes:

  • The background and story of the game
  • Sketches and description of the characters in the game
  • Map of the game control
  • Details of sound, score and music
  • Design of the Gaming interface and console
  • Game strategy and goals

This is followed up building the game using SCRUM and Extreme Programming to turn around the project faster. Our team of talented and expert people ensures regular feedback and engagement with customer through calls and review meetings to deliver best-in-class solutions in line with client expectations

iOS Game Development Services at Webkad

At Webkad we provide our services across the value chain in game development. This includes:

  • Games
  • Entertainment based Games
  • Casual game design
  • End to end art direction- Concept, Execution and Delivery
  • End to end games design- Concept, Story, Script and Delivery
  • Quality Assurance Testing of Games
  • Game hosting and maintenance
  • Monetization and customer retention programs

The secret recipe to successful games is OUT OF THE BOX Thinking and this is where we bring value to our clients. At Webkad, we don’t just create characters, we create stories; bringing life to the vision of our clients.  This comes with close collaboration and tireless efforts from technical professionals specializing in 2D art, animation, and photorealistic 3D models. Our team of creative game designers develops and executes artistic ideas that turn each game into memorable and enjoyable experiences.

At Webkad, we are committed to delivering first-rate gaming experiences to our customers. Come and experience the difference!

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