How to Market Your Website Online

Marketing Your Website Online by Webkad

Great, so now you have a great looking website built, with lots of great content. You’re missing one thing, traffic. In the online world, we refer visitors as “traffic.” The goal is to have as much high quality traffic as possible. The more quality traffic, the more money/clients you make. Depending on your website, there are different ways you can market your website. Below are some great, very easy basic ways to start driving traffic to your website.

Social Media – One of my favorites, easy & effective. Get on Facebook, Twitter, and all other major social media platforms. Share your blog posts, engage with your target audience, even advertise through those platforms if you have the budget for it .Build an audience, a fan-base who will follow you wherever you go.

SEO Marketing – This is great information and we can discuss it in upcoming post.

Paid Advertising – Websites like Facebook & Google offer paid advertising. Read up a lot of guides on them and then test them out. You can also use to buy banner space on websites, make sure you have a good banner that people will click on. Or manually find niche-related websites and contact the owners regarding advertising.

Reddit, Stumbleupon & Digg – Easy way to get instant traffic. Share your new blog posts up there. Although the traffic may not be as quality, it still converts.

Q&A – Get on sites like Yahoo Answers & Quora and answer questions related to your niche. This will build you a reputation for being an “expert” in the industry, and can also drive traffic. Don’t spam, make sure your answers are good and that the link you drop is actually closely related to the question. (Note: Refer to the “BuzzBundle” sub-headline below).

Guest Blogging – Contact other blogs and offer them to write a blog post for their blog, in exchange for a link to your website. Another way to build a reputation as an “expert” in your industry, bring traffic & effective for SEO. Tip: Google the following to find blogs that do guest posts: “[Keyword] guest post” & similar phrases such as “[Keyword] guest post by”. . Eventually, you could invite others to write guest posts on your website, and they’ll end up promoting their post.

LinkedIn – Connect with people in your industry & post your new posts up there.

Email Lists – Have people signup for your email list (Tip: Give them an incentive to) and then whenever you release a new post, you can email them all. Probably your most quality source of traffic.

Comment on Other Blogs – Comment on other blog posts related to your industry. Don’t spam, and make the comment useful. If you spam, it will ruin your reputation.

Engage With Your Audience – If they leave a comment, reply to their comment. If they email, reply to their email. Take care of them, and they will take care of you.

Get on Youtube – Another very effective way to build a reputation as an expert in your industry. Talk about a problem many people have to have more views, put your face out there.

Interview Influencers – Interview other influencers in your industry, whether it’s through video or text, and put it up on your blog. They will also promote that blog post.

Forums – Engage in forums in your industry. Put a link/banner in your signature. Be informative and help others, and you will get traffic.

Email Signature – You most likely email with other people in your industry. Add your blog in your signature, they’re most probably going to click on it.

Cross-Promotion – Engage with other influencers in your industry and cross promote one another, whether it’s through email subscribers, social media or websites.

Infographics – This will most likely be paid unless you design them yourself. Have high-quality informative infographics made related to your industry, and share them. A very effective method.

Trendy Topics – Write up blog posts about topics that are currently trending, people are more likely to read them.

– Don’t give up. You may not start seeing traffic right away, but continue engaging with other people in your industry and you’ll eventually start seeing traffic pouring to your website. Don’t try to force people to go to your website by spamming as it will also kill your reputation.
– Having subscribers is incredibly valuable. Don’t spam them with links to your blog posts. Engage with them, give them freebies, and have them fall in love with your content. You want to have them look forward to receiving an email from you.
– If you’re a business/service, consider going to seminars/conferences in your industry and engaging with others while promoting your website. These visitors are usually of very high value.
– Spy on your competition. See what ways they market themselves, and copy that.
– Make use of Google Analytics. See the sources of where your traffic comes from, and focus on those.